No Way To Live

by No Way To Live

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Recorded at Bright Black Earth
Mastered at New Alliance East


released May 30, 2016



all rights reserved


No Way To Live Michigan


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Track Name: Inherent Hatred
You say,
"Take everything you are
and make it like me
if you want to be free"
Just look around to see
The pressing eyes surrounding
a distressed family still unheard
The lack of sound is haunting
Still you stare them away
as they close their blinds to avoid the dismay
Internal patterns repeat the cycle
Innate hatred, caught in denial
Inherent hatred
Track Name: Planned Obsolescence
Sometimes it's all we know

There's a convenience store on every corner
Serving as a helping hand to feed the mourners

In this designed routine do I feel at home?
or will I still have nothing to show?

In my times of need
You try to Motivate me with a warmth inside
But I still question where my soul resides

And I tell myself
"I'd build it all If I had the time"
But down the block, I'm standing in line
Led by apathy that has me trapped
Fed by the lies that I can't get past

Can't occupy our minds
To stop the rise

Still I rise
Track Name: Malleable Minds
The desperate and afraid
Troubled and grave
Seek refuge, only to find hatred
They feel a common pain,
Now treated as society's bane

Misled devotions
True delusions of reality
Abused and confused
The malleable minds of the youth

Their innocence slain
Hopeless and vain
Seek solace, but raised to spread violence
They believed the lies
A lack of value for human lives.

Where is your compassion?

Desolate visions of control
instilled through the terror
of misguided fools
But we live with reasons, not by rules

We are vulnerable and exposed
Accepting all who are opposed.

They're humans
Not numbers

With names
With faces
With families
With voices
Track Name: Abstract Eye
Do I learn to obey?
Refuse my thoughts
And bite my tongue
Can I keep my mouth shut?

Ridiculed for differences,
Afraid of inconsistency,
Diminishing progression
As we keep passing time
With ironic expressions
Diminishing progression
Resolving strife through
Vocal suppression
Banish new thoughts
To the back of your mind
And deny any variation.

Shallow minds conform

Because they always say,
"Great minds think alike."

Tell me that doesn't justify
Diversity becoming nullified.

Shallow minds conform
As reality distorts

So am I alone with this abstract eye?

Is the common thought is what's truly inspired?

I want to be wise outside of my own world.
Track Name: Hostile World
It's the human effort
that fills us all with pride
It's a struggle to survive
but it's what keeps you on high

Proclaiming first
what you don't believe
Convincing others
what they should perceive
The blind leading the blind
in a community meant
to keep an open mind
Further the divide
as you only see your side

Denouncing faith
as you preach your own agenda
Force feeding the world
with more entitled propaganda

You're no better than them

Your methods make you no better than them

It's a hostile world full of injustice still you focus on a privileged pain

No better than them

It's a vicious cycle full of selfishness abuse the power as you try to reign

No better than them